Nvidia's recently released nForce 780i chipset with 3-Way SLI support was a welcome update to the 680i chipset that has been so popular over the last year or so. However, the fact that it offers few new features over its predecessor and lacks support for 1,600MHz FSB processors from Intel down the line has many wondering if it's really worth the upgrade.

In light of this, according to DigiTimes, Nvidia is planning to launch the next generation nForce 790i chipset in the second quarter this year with support for 1,600MHz FSB and featuring Nvidia's C73 Northbridge and MCP55 Southbridge. The chipset will also feature 3-way SLI, Hybrid SLI technology, DDR3 memory support, and will be released in two versions: nForce 790i SLI and nForce 790i Ultra SLI, with the latter offering more overclocking features.