Even though Core 2 is all the glory at the moment, the newly-released Phenom is still able to start making its rounds. Gateway will be introducing two new desktops that sport AMD's new processor, in particular the Quad-core variant of the Phenom. The Gateway GM5664 and GT5662 will both include the new processors. The more expensive of the two, the GM5664, will retail for around $1150 and is specced out to look like a media center, with a Radeon HD 2400XT and a hi-def hybrid drive that will support both Blu-ray and HD DVD. It'll also have a TV tuner and a remote, so obviously Gateway has their eye set on media centers. Stock with a terabyte of storage as well, it's definitely not a lightweight machine.

For the more midrange end of the market, the GT5662 will have a slightly slower Phenom with a 500GB HDD. For the hardware included, Gateway does seem to have their machines priced aggressively. Perhaps if other vendors follow suit it will give the Phenom a chance to prove itself in the market.