Another spammer has settled with the FTC, not wanting to face them in court. Member Source Media, who was accused of being a mass spammer, was one of a very few groups that was targeted under the CAN-SPAM Act in the U.S.. For their transgressions, they've agreed to fork over $200,000 in penalties. On top of being forced to pay, they will also no longer be allowed to send out "deceptive" spam.

It seems, however, they will still be allowed to operate, and since the definition of "deceptive" is up for speculation, odds are they will be up to their same old tricks in no time. We can all hope that companies will clean up their act after facing such penalties, but we all know that isn't true. The FTC has become more aggressive the past few years in going after malicious companies, be it spammers or malware pushers. This is one trend I hope continues.