Via Technologies recently announced their upcoming Isaiah mobile processor architecture, which the company says offers up to four times the performance of its predecessor, the C7, while consuming the same amount of power. The company isn’t pitching Isaiah at high-end desktops, but rather at media center PCs, sub-notebooks, and other low power mobile devices that can take advantage of the CPU's TDP of just 20W.

Via wasn’t shy of comparing Isaiah with Intel’s Silverthorne processor either, speculating that Isaiah will not only be faster than Silverthorne but “probably as fast as some of the Intel products on the market today.” Looking to provide a little more insight on how Isaiah will differentiate versus current and future offerings from the likes of Intel, AMD, and others, the guys at Hot Hardware have contacted VIA’s Centaur design center president, Glenn Henry, to ask him a few questions. Check out the full interview here.

On a related note, Intel is expected to offer a detailed look at its upcoming Silverthorne processor next week during a presentation at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco, setting the stage for a close battle with Via.