Update: Our friends at Neowin have posted further information regarding a registry hack, previously used to activate Service Pack betas from Windows Update (thus downloading from Microsoft's own servers), to download the RTM version of the pack. Try at your own risk, I know I have :).

Earlier this week, Vista users were pleased to hear that Vista SP1 had gone RTM and a final product awaited them soon. Their spirits were lowered just as quickly however, when Microsoft revealed that they would be doing a staged roll-out that wouldn't begin until March.

As a result - and no surprise to anyone - the RTM version of Vista SP1 is now showing up in torrents with pirates and frustrated users alike eagerly distributing the update. It seems however the most common release via torrents is an entire 'slipstreamed' Windows installation and not the standalone update. Regardless, some might not be willing to wait with Microsoft saying some people might not be able to download the update until April, the numerous bugs and flaws that have gone unpatched might be too much for some to bear.