The Mobile World Congress will be taking place soon and there are high expectations for upcoming yet-unreleased hardware from various mobile manufacturers to be showcased during the event. One easy example to give is ARM with their prototype Android phone. Also a lot of eyes are focused on Nvidia who recently announced the APX 2500 platform, which they promise will bring HD-level video processing to a phone, something that would be impressive even if I question the relevance.

Intel is ready to release new chips aimed at phones, too, with the intent of letting companies manufacture integrated phones that are more akin to PCs than phones of the past. Garmin is yet another company also stepping into the arena, looking to offer even more portable pocket navigation.

Most of this buzz seems to be derived from the perceived success of the iPhone. The world of mobiles may see quite a change this year and the ones to come, as it seems many companies are willing to try a host of new gadgets hoping to find the next big thing.