Sharing media between devices can be a nightmare for most users, especially when DRM is involved. But a new startup, formed by infamous hacker DVD Jon, aims to make it easier for everyone to move music and video files, including those locked by Apple’s DRM, from one device to another.

Through a free desktop client, called doubleTwist, users can essentially share any kind of music, photo, or video file between a long list of portable media players, and through web-based social networks. The application avoids the legal issues of stripping out DRM by employing a process that fast forwards through a file, recording the audio and converting it to the MP3 format – though a 5% loss in audio quality is involved. In addition, doubleTwist is also offering “Twist me!,” a social networking application that enables users to share media on their profile pages on Facebook.

According to the company, users can only play back the music they have already purchased and they are authorized to play so they expect “no pushback” from Apple as doubleTwist merely allows users to enjoy fair use of the material they own. But given Apple’s history of shutting down outsiders who try to piggyback off its platforms, we may be looking at a battle between DVD Jon and Apple if the company decides to keep doubleTwist out of iTunes.