The wait is almost over for third-party coders looking to write their own applications for the iPhone, as Apple plans to finally release the details of its long-awaited software development kit and "some exciting new enterprise features," at a special media event next week, on Thursday, March 6.

Since the iPhone's debut in June last year, several groups of developers have found ways to "jailbreak" the device, letting users install third-party applications through unsupported means. Those workarounds won't be necessary anymore, though. During the event, Apple will likely reveal information regarding the SDK itself, the approval process for applications, and information on how the applications will be distributed. Although the company did not elaborate on what enterprise features would be announced, it's clear that there's great interest in the enterprise community for the iPhone.

At this point, however, it's not clear whether Apple will have the actual SDK ready to go by the 6th, or if the company is simply planning to discuss its development plans.