The graphics card market can really accelerate its pace when both major players play ball on a consistent manner. It all started last November with the GeForce 8800GT launch, which preceded AMD/ATI's launch of the Radeon HD 3800 series. Just a few months later, we have another mainstream GeForce shipping in quantities (the 9600GT), which pressured for price reductions across the board, and of course, that's just great news for consumers.

In such circumstances, the price cuts are almost a given but the question becomes when. VR-Zone is reporting that the Radeon HD 3650 and HD 3850 will receive the treatment in early March by as much as 20%. The former is already selling below the $100 mark, while the HD 3850 will most likely end up selling in the $130-150 price range. We wouldn't be surprised either if the price of the HD 3870 is also lowered slightly to match exactly with the GeForce 9600GT's.