The NPD sales numbers have come out for February, with Nintendo leading the way once again in the U.S. selling 432,000 Wii consoles. Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation 3 outsold Xbox 360 for the second straight month with 280,841 hardware units sold in February versus the 360’s 250,000 units. But could this become a trend going forward?

Microsoft has countered that the only reason PlayStation 3 has passed them in sales recently is because they've had problems with keeping up with supply, and that those problems should be over in time for the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV. Moreover, the company said that hardware sales aren’t all that makes a winning platform, touting the Xbox 360’s winning software portfolio with five games in the top ten sellers for the month. By comparison, with only a single chart topper in the past two months, Sony’s boost in sales appear to be mostly Blu-ray related.