Apple appears to be on a roll these days. Not only they dominate the digital media player market but are performing well with their Macs too. According to figures released by market research firm NPD, the company picked up 14% of the U.S. consumer PC market in February, representing a huge 60% increase year-on-year. By comparison, overall U.S. retail computer shipments grew just 9 percent in the same timeframe.

Much of the growth is being attributed by a boost in notebook sales (up 64%), with the Macbook Air probably having something to do with that. Apparently, Apple’s skinny and lightweight notebook is building a base of its own rather than encroaching on existing notebook product lines. Apple desktops didn’t lag too far behind however with year-on-year growth of 55%. In fact, desktop sales performance was much better than the overall U.S. average, which actually decreased 5% in unit sales year to year.