AMD will be adding on to their relatively new Radeon HD 3000 series, introducing another card aimed at the entry to mid level markets. The card, dubbed HD 3830, is expected within the next two months, sitting between the HD 3650 and 3850 in terms of price, at a reasonable $129. The success or failure of this unit might determine the price point of other parts. DigiTimes mentions that AMD may drop pricing on the 3870 and 3850 if sales do not go as expected for the HD 3830.

We reported late February of upcoming price cuts for Radeons in this range although so far we have seen little intentions of such changes. In fact, this could be an attempt from AMD to not recur to price cuts to boost sales. It is also expected that by June, AMD will have something new to show in the form of next generation RV770 units, or so we hope.