With the demise of HD DVD, many are finally ready to make the move and get themselves a new Blu-ray player, which you may as well call the format of the future. But wait, it's not that simple anymore. Unlike the days when the original DVD made its debut, today there are more ways than ever to distribute content. There are Tivos and DVRs, you have the web, and the many digital distribution content suppliers based on it. There's also a large number of users who don't see a big advantage on the format and can live happily with the much cheaper original DVD format.

In our latest poll, we ask you just that. Are you ready to get a Blu-ray player now? You can vote here.

Also, revisiting our previous poll results, we asked where you buy your PC games from. The results were somewhat surprising with a large majority buying them from retail stores or simply stating they are not even PC gamers (surprising 30+ percent for TS readers). I blogged about the results a few weeks back before we closed down the poll, although margins stayed relatively the same between then and now, and thus my conclusions and thoughts remain valid.