Super Talent announced today what they say is the “world’s thinnest 256GB SSD,” showing yet another sign that thin is the new trend for technology in 2008. This solid state drive (FSD56GC25H) uses a 2.5-inch form factor and the SATA-I interface, which makes it interchangeable with other portable drives. Then using a patented stacking technology, Super Talent was able to pack 256GB of storage space in a 12.5mm thick casing, which may be indeed thin for a 256GB drive, but is still larger than the average 2.5-inch drive that measures about 9.5mm.

Some other specs for this SSD unit include a 0.1ms access time, read and write speeds of 65MB/sec and 50MB/sec, respectively, and up to 1600G of shock support. But before you come around any conclusions let me also add that the asking price for the FSD56GC25H is nothing short of staggering at $5,950.