Just yesterday we were revisiting VIA's position in the marketplace saying they are no longer big chipset suppliers, a market that even if for a short while, they once used to dominate. The company instead announced they are finally shipping samples of its latest Isaiah x86 processors, and today the news are they will begin selling graphics cards based on the S3 Chrome 430 chip. The cards are selling in the budget $60 range and are expected to compete against the AMD Radeon HD 3450 and the Nvidia 8400 GS.

You may recall graphics veteran S3 was acquired by VIA in 2001, but without much success in the discrete GPU market, graphics cores have been relegated to integrated north bridge parts.

Furthermore, among a number of rumors, Nvidia is said to be looking into buying VIA which would get them the necessary licenses for developing x86-compatible CPUs. Another rumor involving the two parties is that VIA could stop developing motherboard chipsets completely and would rely on Nvidia to make chips compatible with Isaiah.