For a long time VIA dominated the niche small factor, low consumption market, but now Intel is preparing to step foot into new terrain. The Atom processor, formerly known as Silverthorne, has had its fair share of press coverage, but it wasn't until today during the Shanghai Intel Developer Forum, that the company officially unveiled details on the Atom Z5xx series along with their pricing.

The Atom Z5 series is made up of five processors based on Intel's high-k technology specifically designed for mobile internet devices, netbooks, and other embedded applications. All five models have a L2 cache of 512M, a 400 or 533MHz FSB, and frequencies that range from 800MHz (Z500) to 1.86GHz (Z540). The TDP of these chips varies from 0.65W to 2.4W, while pricing goes from $45 for the two more basic models to $160 for the Z540. Further detail and information on specifications are available on the Intel press site.