Verizon is none too happy at Time Warner, with a recent series of advertisements by the cable giant leading to a lawsuit. Verizon is taking Time Warner to court, accusing them, among other things, of false advertising. According to Verizon, recent ads placed by Time Warner infer that Verizon's FIOS service does not include phone, broadband or video service and requires a satellite dish. They also infer that Time Warner's network is "better". While the latter part is often a matter of opinion, they might have a leg to stand on with the former.

However, Time Warner isn't scared. They believe the lawsuit is "without merit", and will be defending themselves in court against the accusations. In particular, Verizon cites a commercial that started airing in March. Verizon is asking for an injunction to prevent Time Warner from running the ad, as well as for them to run another ad to retract the statements they made.