While Yahoo sure thought that adding video services to Flickr would be a boon to the social networking site, many of their users disagree. Many Flickr users are protesting against the changes, with a particular group opposing the changes amassing more than 22,000 people. The groups are angry for a variety of reasons, but the underlying cause of their discontent is not necessarily the video service itself, but rather how it was implemented.

It seems many users are upset with the fact there was no public beta of the service, merely a broad sweeping implementation. They are also upset that it seems to have degraded the quality of service on the site, slowing pages down as well as detracting from the original purpose of Flickr, which was sharing photos. It's certainly not the first time Flickr users have revolted, and probably not the last. If indeed the anger is due to the way the service was implemented, hopefully with future improvements they will calm down. Yahoo has had many bumps in the road since their acquisition of Flickr nearly a year ago.