The battle between Comcast and torrenting changed its dynamic rapidly in only a few short months. From idle suspicion to evidence of throttling to denial, it quickly became apparent that the ISP wasn't forthcoming regarding its actions. Eventually it went all the way to FCC hearings, and now we are seeing development on how Comcast will treat torrents and other peer to peer (P2P) in the future.

There have been talks of Comcast sponsoring development of newer P2P protocols that work better with their network, or outright partnerships with P2P companies. Most recently, there have been hints of Comcast working on a P2P Bill of Rights, that would outline both "rights" as well as "responsibilities" of ISPs and their customers when it comes to using P2P software.

Among the changes they propose there is an increase in upstream capacity and a more 'open dialog' with their customers. On the other hand, they are also speaking of identifying specific types of activity, such as illegal pirating versus legal torrenting, bandwidth caps, and other related changes. If Comcast receives a positive answer regarding this proposal, it could impact many other ISP's alignments as well.