Seagate may not be so enthusiastic about the SSD market, but Toshiba certainly is. In fact, the latter claims that within the next three years SSD will become hugely popular for laptops and by that time it will hold a nice 25% deployment rate for new machines. But for the moment, SSDs are still very expensive and face a number of growing pains that result in them taking a small portion of the market otherwise dominated by larger and similarly 'speedy' mechanical disks.

According to Toshiba, the NAND flash market will more than double its size year over year, growing at an average of 133%. But of course, we wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to play that up considering they are one of the premier manufacturers of flash technology worldwide. The Japanese conglomerate claims they are also expecting to lower flash manufacturing costs by up to 50% every year, so three years from now a behemoth SSD might actually be affordable. They are expecting 512GB SSDs in the near future as well.