One of Mozilla's founders has spoken out against proprietary media on the web, particularly pointing the finger at 'interactive' technologies like Flash and Silverlight. The technologies, while necessary in many applications today, could be more than people bargained for in the end. Tristant Nitot, founder of Mozilla Europe, claims it is in the web's best interest to use open technologies, claiming that the companies behind proprietary formats could have an agenda.

Nitot doesn't comment on specific scenarios however, and he also admits that to date there haven't been any real problems over people relying on these products. Regardless, he asserts that even though they are free, the companies behind them are in the money making business and ultimately are all about the dollar. Nitot argues for "independence" in web development, something not easy to achieve with the cost of maintaining media-rich web pages today. He proposes making open-source and freely available alternatives to technologies like Silverlight.