Despite Vista struggling with the public's perception, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is touting the OS' "rapid sales rate" saying 140 million copies have been sold thus far. Gates did not specify whether those were licenses, retail copies, or some combination of the two - but the latter is more likely.

The update is the first since the company crossed the 100 million mark at the end of last year, meaning Microsoft could be selling around 10 million copies of Vista per month - of course, a great portion of this stem from licenses for new computers as part of users' regular upgrade cycles.

Things may not be as rosy on the Vista front as Microsoft would want us to believe, however, with around 160,000 people having signed an online petition asking the company to continue selling its predecessor until the next version of Windows is released. Not to mention Dell, HP and Lenovo are saying they will continue to sell XP past its June 30 sales cut-off date.