Late last year a company called Eye-Fi launched the first Wi-Fi enabled memory card, allowing digital camera owners to automatically send pictures to a computer on their home network via Wi-Fi or directly upload them to a number of online photo-sharing sites. Well, the company has updated its lineup today with new SD camera cards that will make Wi-Fi support all the more useful.

The original $99 card has been rebadged Eye-Fi Share and has been joined by the Eye-Fi Home and Eye-Fi Explore. The $79 Eye-Fi Home is targeted at photographers who only need basic file transfer, dropping the direct upload ability of the original card, while the $129 Eye-Fi Explore introduces perhaps the most compelling features of all three cards: geotagging and hotspot connectivity.

Using Skyhook's triangulation of Wi-Fi hotspots the Eye-Fi Explore will allow users to map where their photos were captured with automatic geotagging. This card will also get you free access for one year with Wayport-owned wireless access points, including all McDonald's restaurants. All models are 2GB in size and are expected to start shipping early June.