Last week, in an effort to tackle piracy, BioWare announced some controversial security measures that would require Mass Effect and Spore PC users to do an online re-authentication for the game every ten days so that they can continue functioning. Following an overwhelming - but expected - harsh reaction from fans, though, BioWare has decided to back down.

BioWare community manager Jay Watamaniuk posted a QA on the company's official forums confirming that the firm has now opted for a far more reasonable anti-piracy system that only authenticates the game the first time you play, and then re-authenticates it when you download new content. Purchasing one disc will allow users to install the game on no more than three computers, however, which might be another reason for future complaints. Approval of further authorizations will be handled by EA customer support on a case-by-case basis.

Of course nobody likes these restrictive measures but it's understandable to see publishers concerned about piracy, especially at a time when the PC games market seems to be stagnant. At least BioWare is taking a chance outside the console world, something fewer developers are willing to do these days.