The so-called "Spam King", Sanford Wallace, received another blow that indicates he has been dethroned after a default judgment against him this week. MySpace sued Wallace not long ago, over his questionable actions in creating thousands of MySpace accounts and stealing existing ones, using the accounts to generate thousands of messages to send to other MySpace users. After failing to show up in court, the Judge issued what the article is calling the largest anti-spam judgment ever. As it stands now, Wallace owes MySpace a massive $230 million for his transgressions.

This isn't the first time he has been targeted and fined. Almost exactly two years ago he was hit with a nice $4 million fine from the FTC and has faced numerous other suits in between. This most recent fine was divided into several parts, including a $63.4 million addition under the CAN-SPAM act. The likelihood of MySpace collecting on that fine is probably slim, considering the Spam King is currently missing in action.