The Eee 900 has been out for merely a week, but Digitimes is now reporting that an update is just around the corner. According to the report, Asus will launch its 8.9-inch Eee PC 901 on June 3 with a few noticeable differences exterior-wise, a Bluetooth module and the new Intel Atom chip.

Cosmetic enhancements include several metal alloy parts added to the casing, including on the screen hinge - which is also lacking the power button now - on the keyboard, and track pad. The Eee PC 901 will replace the Asustek logo with an Eee logo at the bottom of the display and on the top of the lid, perhaps confirming that the Eee brand is here to stay. One last thing worth noting is the Linux version of the Eee PC 901 will have more software applications added to it. Other than that, the specs are supposedly the same as with the 900, and it'll go for somewhere under $650.