Reliability is a key area in which SSDs are trying to stand themselves apart from traditional disks. Given that they are still in the "astronomical" category of cost per gigabyte, it's no surprise that SSD vendors are trying to push such advantages into the spotlight.

Super Talent went a bit further recently to prove how rugged and reliable an SSD can be. The test was interesting to say the least, putting the drive on top of a paint shaker while it was running live with an OS installed and a game playing. According to Super Talent, one of their MasterDrive SSDs survived 40 minutes on top of the paint shaker, something that would be next to impossible for a mechanical disk to achieve without experiencing a head crash.

At $670 for a 120GB drive, there's definitely an "ouch" the drive has on the wallet. But if you travel a lot and have a habit of dropping your laptop, perhaps those $670 are well worth it knowing your data will remain intact. While it's easy to see why an SSD would be more resistant to shock and other trauma when running versus a mechanical disk, they make no mention of disks that are powered off - modern disks can withstand quite a bit of torture when they aren't being used.

You can read the complete press release and watch the video of the SSD running after the jump.