With a lot of people claiming that PC gaming is a dying market and PC gamers are a dying breed, many have speculated if game developers are concurring and looking for exit strategies as they move solely to consoles. So what, then, does one of the most popular modern day developers think about that? That is exactly what Shacknews recently asked Doug Lombardi of Valve in an interview, regarding his opinion of PC gaming today. Doug's response was encouraging for those of us who are still very much in love with PC gaming, claiming that he and others at Valve laugh at assertions that it is dying.

Doug also questioned about why that even comes up from time to time, claiming that PC gaming waxes and wanes but always comes back. He cited WoW as a success story of the PC gaming world, talks about Steam, and claims the real problem is simply perception. He attacks Microsoft and their PR department, and also talked about Valve not being a part of the PCGA. It's a very interesting interview, especially if you are a diehard PC Gamer.