This post is coming a few hours late as you have all been browsing around and the design has already been commented in the forums, etc. It really took several days to have the site looking the way it is now, while I had the design itself finished a couple of months ago, the real work was putting it up using the same old structure of the old pages, which lead to many errors, most of which have been corrected by now.

Overall feedback on the redesign has been positive, not overwhelming but I'm pretty satisfied. Some of the things that were broken earlier today were fixed during the afternoon (such as the news headlines running on the whole site), thanks a lot to Andres Robalino, a good friend of mine and young programming guru who has helped the site in the past and hopefully will continue doing so in the future.

I will probably be kept busy the rest of the week fixing browser compatibility errors and adding new features, perhaps most of you won't notice but we are working here even for the most demanding people :).

We have also broken records with the new forum integration and the comments. On a given instance during the day there were up to 128 active people browsing through the forums, nice indeed.

Also, news comments have been getting many more hits, I want to thank all people who have been supporting us and encourage to continue doing so... participate using the comments and help us to build a better site.