Last month the OLPC project's President of Software and Content, Walter Bender, stepped down from his position and left the organization. His decision was allegedly prompted by differences in views about where the project was headed - namely, OLPC's defection to Windows XP. Bender isn't sitting still, though, and last week we found out he is now set on taking the XO's Sugar educational platform to other laptops.

Well, it appears that he's been moving quite quickly and is already discussing possible business opportunities with four low-cost notebook manufacturers. Bender stopped short of revealing the potential clients, though he's confirmed its desire to work with Intel and Pixel Qi, while Asus has also been floated as potential partner in the past. We'll have to wait and see where all this goes, but if Bender gets its way, we may see the infamous Linux-based Sugar OS pre-loaded in non-XO machines soon.