A week ago we reported about a list of features leaked to Kotaku that were supposedly part of an Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update. It turns out, however, that the leaked feature list is a fake as Microsoft just confirmed there'll be no spring update for the console's system software this year - or at least not in the form of any significant change to the dashboard. Though news will certainly come as a major disappointment to many Xbox 360 owners, Microsoft still has some modifications and general housekeeping planned for its console.

First and foremost, the company will start delisting older underperforming titles from its Xbox Live Arcade library "in order to keep the service focused on a section of high quality games." According to the company, titles tagged for removal must have been out for more than six months, have a Metacritic score of less than 65%, and poor conversion rates. Other changes include a tweak to the Xbox 360's DRM, new file size limit of 350MB for XBLA games (up from 150MB), and a new 1,600 Microsoft Points price cap for XBLA games.

With Sony adding new features to its recouping PlayStation 3 console almost on a monthly basis, it seems unlikely that Microsoft hasn't got an update in the works as well. Hopefully the company is planning a feature-packed fall update for the 360 to make things exciting for the holiday shopping season.