Earlier this year, riding high on the success of its ultra-portable Eee PC, Asus revealed plans to launch a whole family of Eee products including a small form-factor desktop machine dubbed the E-DT. Well, it appears that Asus' desktop take on the Eee PC has finally been given a launch date along with a few new specs and a new name.

According to information leaked to the Inquirer, the unit is set to debut on June 3 as the Ebox, sporting a Wii-like design, a 160GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM. Most other details are unavailable, though the desktop is expected to run Asus' custom variant of Xandros Linux and given the June timeframe it will likely debut using Intel's Atom processor. No pricing information is available either, though the company has previously mentioned that it plans to price the computer between $200 and $300.