Remember, the infamous Russian music download store that was shut down on several occasions only to respawn every time? Well, it appears that after US diplomats last year pressured Russia to shut the site down or face denied entry to the WTO, finally went down for good - sort of.

That apparently satisfied the RIAA, which said it has dropped its $1.65 trillion copyright infringement lawsuit against MediaServices, the site's owner, and declared victory. What's funny is that they appear to be ignoring the fact that, after being shut down, the founders of AllofMP3 simply started a new site called MP3Sparks which operates exactly the same as the now "defunct" site did, selling tracks for just 15 cents apiece, and even works with old AllofMP3 login names and passwords - not to mention almost a dozen similar sites have sprung up since then. It's hard to see how this could be much of a victory for the RIAA.