It isn't just U.S. officials who are after cyber criminals. Recently, French police took it upon themselves to track down and procure a group of alleged hackers, and have now arrested 22 people. Of the 22, the majority of them were teenagers, with the oldest being only 25 and the youngest being 14. The actual crimes with which these people have been charged aren't precisely mentioned, only that they are suspected of cracking websites of many businesses in France, Russia and Iceland. Their goal didn't appear to be monetary, but rather just to create mischief or damage.

Now the group of 22 face fines and prison time for their Internet joyriding, though due to their age it's unlikely any of them will suffer greatly. Regardless, the French police took the opportunity to make the situation serve as a reminder as to how vulnerable many small businesses are, citing insufficient protection on their own networks. Given how quickly exploits spread on the modern net and the relatively minor skill it takes to duplicate many of them, none of it is surprising.