Akamai Technologies has just released its first State of the Internet report, and indeed with a massive amount of servers monitoring traffic within and between networks in 70 countries, the company may very well have the world's most comprehensive view of Internet usage. The content delivery network operator gathered data across its entire global server network between January and March of this year to look at Internet usage trends, and its findings reveal some interesting tidbits.

Unsurprisingly South Korea is still years ahead of the rest of the world in broadband speed, with 64 percent of its connections qualifying as 'high broadband' (over 5Mbps), while by that same metric the US scored a mere 20 percent. The slowest in the list were Rwanda and Solomon Islands, with 95 percent or more of the connections to Akamai occurring below 256 Kbps. Within the US, the states that had the greatest levels of high broadband were Delaware, Rhode Island, New York, Nevada, and Oklahoma.

On the security front, the report looked at traffic such as DDoS attacks and hacking attempts and found China responsible for almost 17 percent of such traffic, with the US a close second at 14 percent. You can register and grab a copy of the complete report over at Akamai's website for some additional info including detailed global broadband penetration data and most common Internet threats.