If you are reading this then you have landed into TechSpot's new server. More details inside.

What you should know...
As always, I must thank Per for his invaluable help throughout the moving process. So far it seems to be a success with a few known but very minuscule problems that will be resolved once the DNS propagation takes place in full and everyone sees the new server through the techspot.com domain as normal.

Some basic specs of our new server are as follows:

- Dual Intel Woodcrest 5130 Dual Core Processors
- 2 x 300GB, 10K RPM SCSI/SAS Hard Drive
- 4096 MB RAM
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 5

Thanks to some powerful caching mechanisms we have had in place for some time we are able to serve 3+ million unique readers every month from a single server.

The old server a.k.a. techspot02 was showing its age with noticeable slowdowns during peak hours and traffic, but it should still be noted it was as rock solid as servers can get with an uptime of over 3 years - that's right, not a single restart during that time frame - but of course we are not so dumb as going bragging about it.

Anyway, we hope the new box can serve us well for the months and years to come as we have quite a few more changes, surprises and improvements coming for you.

Thanks for reading and your continued support.

- Julio