Super Talent is expanding their horizons on the emerging SSD market, with their announcement today that they will be introducing 1.8” Micro-SATA SSD drives aimed at laptops. Their “MasterDrive KX” SSD is pitched as a drop-in replacement for UMPCs, with capacities ranging from 30GB to 120GB, often enough for micro-laptops. The drives are based on MLC NAND Flash and claim a theoretical 120MB/sec read speed and a 40MB/sec write speed.

The drives will start at an estimated $299 for the 30GB model, $449 for the 60GB model and $679 for the 120GB model. The prices are definitely steep relative to cost per gigabyte, but are actually well in-line with the cost of most SSD units. Super Talent will be showing off the units, among others, at Computex this week. You can read the full press release in our forums.