News linked to the emerging market for low cost PCs keep coming out of Computex, but this time we’re not talking about another manufacturer taking aim at Asus. SanDisk today announced a new line of SSDs – or pSSDs (for Parallel ATA solid state drives) as they’ve renamed them – which are meant to be a cost-effective alternative for ultra-low-cost PCs.

Available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB sizes, these new drives may not set any capacity records, but being just a flat module their size and weight make them ideal for ultra-portable machines. According to SanDisk, the drives can achieve read and write speeds of 39 MB/s and 17 MB/s respectively, and are compatible with both Linux and Microsoft Windows XP operating systems. The company didn’t reveal what the drives would actually cost, but they suggested notebooks that run between $250 and $350 could be carrying them when they are available in August.