AMD and Nvidia are working hand in hand for a new goal, one that pits them both against the 900 pound gorilla that is Intel. The two are claiming that Intel is trying to prevent them from developing chipsets around the USB 3.0 specification, a standard that has not yet been finalized and was only proposed a few months ago. According to them, Intel is not disclosing the specification to their competitors, which include both AMD and Nvidia. They claim that even though the PCI Special Interest Group is doing the footwork, Intel is capable of stonewalling them and not providing access to needed information.

Intel says they are moving with "due speed". Due speed to them might mean that they will reluctantly give over the information 6 months after they already have USB 3.0 products on the market, which would certainly infuriate anybody who is competing.

USB 3.0 promises a lot, including speeds faster than gigabit. Whether or not it will deliver will be based upon a lot of things, the least of which is not who will actually be able to produce platforms that feature it.