Looking to further support and complement the launch of the 4 Series chipset line, Intel has unveiled its Visual Computing Developer Community, which it claims will “enable developers to create innovative graphics and video applications.” The Intel 4 Series includes the G45 Express chipset and GMA X4500HD graphics media accelerator, which has built-in support for Blu-ray 1080p high-definition video playback and DirectX 10 gaming graphics.

The chipmaker’s GPU ambitions go far beyond its embedded line, though. The move is also geared towards driving up developer interest in their upcoming Larrabee graphics processing unit, which is set to rival Nvidia as Intel shifts its focus to the gaming industry. The site features white papers, discussion forums, weblogs, wikis and videos, including a video interview with Intel’s director of marketing for the visual computing software division, Roger Chandler, in which he discusses the company’s current position in the gaming and visual computing segments and some of their plans for the future.