EA is getting sued again, this time over antitrust issues. It isn't another company or even the government who is suing them, but rather a couple of jaded gamers. Upset with EA’s actions based around their Football games (the Madden series), they have opted to sue the company for allegedly stifling competition.

In particular, the gamers are citing the sales of Take-Two's games compared to sales of the Madden games. They claim that EA artificially dropped the price of their games to reduce sales of Take-Two's games, only to once again later raise the price once Take-Two was out of the picture. They also are concerned about the proposed acquisition of Take-Two by EA, which they see as a purposeful way to remove competition from the market rather than anything else. The suit is demanding restitution for people who have purchased Madden games in the past few years, as well as a voiding of the exclusive agreement that EA has with certain professional groups.