Now that Mozilla is all set for next week's Firefox 3 Download Day, the company's head of user experience, Aza Raskin, has taken some time to show off a video with the latest developments in the mobile version of the popular open source browser.

Despite being just a concept video, it provides an early look at how Mozilla is tackling the issue of having to browse short of screen real-estate by hiding all navigation buttons and allowing the user to invoke them by simple touch gestures. Other interesting features include opening up new tabs, kinetic scrolling, and zooming in or out.

All in all, Firefox should be a welcome addition to the mobile-browsing experience; hopefully they'll be able to bring as much innovation, usability, and extensibility to the mobile space as they have in the desktop. Check out the video of Firefox Mobile "in action" after the jump.

Firefox Mobile Concept Video from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.