There are those who feel the need to stay connected wherever they go through either a notebook, smartphone or a mobile internet device, but Chrysler is really taking things to the next level. The US' number 3 car maker will soon debut a technology in most of their 2009 models that will make their vehicles rolling Internet hotspots.

Using Wi-Fi and cellular technology, passengers will be able use laptops and other Internet-capable devices to access e-mail and browse the web while literally on the road. The new system, dubbed UConnect Web, will also feature downloadable satellite TV and radio services, as well as a 30GB in-car hard drive. The automaker did not disclose pricing, but reports suggest the system will cost $449 plus installation, and a monthly fee for the service of about $30.

Unsurprisingly, the new service has drawn the ire of safety advocates who, perhaps with good reason, feel that the Internet is definitely something people should not have access to while driving.