If you've been a gamer for a decade or longer, you probably have a list of games you cherished from earlier eras of PC gaming that you still may fire up now and then, or at least wish you could. Often these games can be hard to come across (legally) or even outright abandonware. Couple that with the fact that nobody wants to pay $30+ for a game that is 10 years old, and it can be tricky getting to actually play old titles.

A European company wants to change that, and provide a stable environment for people to access and download old games. It is called "Good Old Games", and the company aims to provide PC titles from the 80s and 90s in a downloadable format that they claim will be completely DRM free, almost as good as having a perfect ISO of your own. They claim their service will sell games from $5.99 to $9.99 a pop, and once purchased will let you download them at will whenever you want from wherever you want.

An attractive option in a world with so many online services that are coupled with heavy DRM restrictions. This is an interesting concept, to say the least, and I hope that projects like this find themselves to be sustainable - because it will prove to the gaming industry that people not only do not want DRM, but will be happy to pay for entertainment without it.