The PS3 has certainly made a turnaround. From what was a fractional portion of the market with a less than mediocre game selection, the console now has an impressive array of games and is doing decently in terms of sales. It has seen decent sales growth and Sony is confident enough to keep it at a higher price point than their competitors. From an analyst standpoint, some feel the PS3 is a better buy than the Xbox 360, due to the increasingly large game portfolio, inclusion of Blu-ray support and a lot more.

For Sony's sake I hope their improved success doesn't go to their head - once again, a Sony rep has made some harsh statements amount one of their rivals, Nintendo. In fact, the statement goes so far as to imply that Nintendo isn't even a competitor. While I have been impressed by the PS3's recovery after a dismal launch into a respectable and powerful console, the comments that they make towards their competitors still seem very off base. According to Sony CEO Howard Stringer, he believes the Wii is an "expensive niche game device", and isn't in the same market that the PS3 or the Xbox 360 is.

This isn't the first time Sony has made bold statements about their feelings towards Nintendo. I wonder if Nintendo feels the same way that Sony does.