It's no secret that AMD is working on a chip designed for low-cost computers to effectively compete with Intel's Atom and VIA's Nano CPUs. In fact, past leaks have already given us a hint of what to expect later this year, but according to AMD's newly promoted CEO Dirk Meyer, details about the upcoming mobile chip are to be revealed in November at the company's analyst conference.

While the company has been mostly silent about plans for the chip, codenamed Bobcat, it has previously said it would design the chip from the ground up and that it would scale to power envelopes as low as 1W - cool enough to run inside so-called mobile internet devices. Meyer nonetheless recently stated that AMD is not interested in building for MIDs but rather for small form factor and inexpensive notebooks.

Interestingly his comments are in line with what has been rumored thus far: a single-core 64-bit processor with a 1GHz clock speed, 128KB of L1 cache and 256KB of L2 cache, together with an on-board memory controller for 400MHz DDR2 RAM, 800MHz HyperTransport link, and an 8W power envelope. It's important to note AMD has only promised more detail in November, so they'll likely be a late entrant to a market rife with competition.