Facing a lawsuit from Apple, Mac clone maker Psystar is getting ready to fight back in court and has hired a law firm that specializes in tech industry issues such as copyright and intellectual property law. The law firm in question is Carr & Ferrell, a company that has previously tangled with Apple - and won.

That's not to say Psystar has better chances of winning in court, but this latest move should at least mean that Apple is going to have a tough fight in its hands. The stakes are high in this case. If Psystar wins, the doors could burst open for other firms - such as Open Tech - to sell their own clones and possibly damage Apple's rocketing Mac sales. On the other hand, a loss would likely put Psystar out of business seeing that it could be forced to recall all of the computers it has sold with Mac OS X installed.

Documents filed yesterday by Psystar extend their deadline to respond to the lawsuit from next Monday to August 18, so it'll be a few more weeks until the battle kicks off. We'll be keeping an eye on this as it develops.