The web is flooded with rumors today that Nvidia is set to drop its chipset business. According to unnamed DigiTimes sources, the creator of the nForce line called a meeting earlier this week with motherboard partners to gauge support for it to continue producing chipsets, but was only met with silence.

The report says that some motherboard makers already have canceled high-end motherboard projects based on the nForce 7-series chipset. A bit of credence was lent to these claims based on recent problems over Intel's forthcoming X58 chipset that has manufacturers deciding whether or not to include the company's nForce 200 chip on their boards to enable 3-way SLI.

As a side note, a chipset exit by Nvidia would also debunk recent speculation that Apple is skipping Intel's new Montevina chipset in favor of a custom platform that would combine Intel processors with Nvidia chipsets in its upcoming notebook products.

Nvidia executives have nonetheless denied the rumor and claim the company is committed to its nForce line, which makes up as much as 18 percent of its total sales revenue. In fact, the graphics firm says it has several products set to be announced "in the near future".