Homeland Security: We can seize laptops for an indefinite period A pair of DHS policies from last month say that customs agents can routinely--as a matter of course--seize, make copies of, and "analyze the information transported by any individual attempting to enter, re-enter, depart, pass through, or reside in the United States." News.com.

Toyota's Segway Killer: The Winglet Personal Transporter Called the Winglet because of its fleet nature, it is the first gadget to duplicate the celebrated, and often mocked, navigation system of Dean Kamen's Segway Transporter: self-balancing through gyroscopic sensors detecting the gentle directional tilts of a rider. Wired.

Firefox Closer to Supporting Open-source Video Codec Firefox 3.1, the next major release due by early next year, will likely include support for a new HTML tag specifically for embedding video in Web pages. Firefox 3.1 will also support royalty-free video codec Ogg Theora. Yahoo News.

We Know How Many Kindles Amazon Has Sold: 240,000 The Kindle is such a small part of Amazon's overall business that the company does not break out how many it's sold. But we found out anyway: 240,000 Kindles have been shipped since November, according to a source close to Amazon with direct knowledge of the numbers.