Most of us gamers are plenty responsible, and it is one of the reasons so many of us cringe when we hear about games being blamed for real-world violence. A game distributor in Thailand isn't so convinced that games are safe, and thus has halted sales of GTA due to a specific crime in the country.

The distributor is also asking local arcades to pull the game from their rotation. This "voluntary recall" of sorts is a continuing but still relatively small trend in the video gaming market in which countries or regions try to restrict sales of games due to concerns over violence, including a ban on Manhunt 2 in the U.K. that was later lifted and a potential future embargo on Fallout 3 in Australia.

If these companies are out to stop violence, they'll have to do more than pull the game from shelves months after release. After all, GTA IV managed to get over 6 million copies sold in the first two weeks.